Largest Loyalty Program for Channel Partners/ Resellers

Empowering smaller resellers to increase profitability. Providing equal opportunity and empowerment. Built with the sole objective of recognizing the strategic role played by the pharmaceutical resellers in increasing the penetration of Legacy Brands in rural markets.

21,000 Channel Partners
600 Districts
Supplying more than 250,000 villages

Why do pharma companies want to work with Channel Paisa?

Traditionally, pharma companies in India have relied on independently contracting sales representatives to push their products in various markets. However, this approach is both expensive and lacks breadth as well as depth of reach. GoApptiv has bridged this supply chain gap by creating a platform that allows companies to register their brands - enabling visibility to thousands of Channel Partners for them to engage and distribute. This platform has successfully empowered thousands of small and medium resellers to run their businesses without financial constraints, thereby playing a crucial role in delivering quality medicines to rural markets.
Better Access
Increase reach of mature brands without increasing the number of sales representatives
Market Insights
Understand potential cluster markets for greater ROI
Offers and Benefits
Reward the right Channel Partners for greater rural penetration
Visibility and Control
Gain complete visibility of Secondary Sales

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Our Satisfied Users

The testimonials from some of our very satisfied users

GK & Sons

Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh
I have been using Channel Paisa App for the past 2 years now. Through this one app platform, I am able to get benefits from various companies, also the points get redeemed easily which is very helpful in running my business.

Mangalam Medical Agency

Uttar Pradesh
I purchase brands of 6 companies from the same app whose reward points i can redeem as Flipkart and Amazon coupons. The support team is always efficient and helpful whenever I contact them with any doubts.

New Shiv Medical Agency

Uttar Pradesh
I have been using Channel Paisa for the past year and I have been highly benefitted by this single app. I am very satisfied with the platform experience.