Connecting Doctors with Pharmaceutical Companies

Connect on Demand (ConnectOD) offers healthcare professionals a unified, digitally-enabled business model -- connecting them to patients, pharma companies and Channel Partners to provide an enhanced and end-to-end customer experience for patients.

Why Use The ConnectOD Platform?

Physicians can connect with their patients seamlessly and provide quality care, including Telemedicine. They can access all the services provided by Healthcare manufacturers for patients: including starter packs, patient support programs, Digital Health programs etc. Physicians can also connect with channel partners and make emergency medicines & vaccines available with them
Cloud-based, mobile technology that gives physicians access to a telemedicine platform
Physicians can engage with patients seamlessly on ConnectOD’s teleconsultation platform, as well as connect with multiple pharmaceutical companies directly without any sales reps.
Security & Privacy
Unlike e-pharmacy platforms, ConnectOD does not save patient data or physician’s prescriptions.
E-sampling, commercial orders, vaccines enabled with Track & Trace Technologies.

App Screens

Here are a few screenshots from the application