Key elements of ConnectOD platform

Connects multiple stake holders

Platform that connects multiple stake holders ( Physicians, Pharma companies & channel partners) digitally with Patients for better treatment outcomes. This is an end to end solutions integrated with Logistics This platform aims to keep patient in the center & builds ecosystem surrounding his/ her needs to connect digitally – Doctor/Healthcare professionals who Initiates the therapy & monitor, Pharma company to provide therapy related assistance & Channel partners to deliver support Key elements of ConnectOD platform:

  • Technology: Cloud based, mobile technology to provide access for physician to choose patient support services provided by pharmaceutical companies and initiate for his patients. Integrated with Analytics, physician can receive feedback about his treatment progress & other key parameters
  • Engagement : Dynamic Patient engagement options with Digital coupans, starter packs & treatment related education to tracks patient behavior & segmentation
  • Support system: Warranty management, Helpline & Pharmacovigilance support
  • Fulfilment: Logistics management, Supplychain & Track&Trace technologies


Starter packs (with track & trace) to be sent to physicians directly complying with Regulatory guidelines

An important resource for many chronic management therapies is effective use of samples / starter packs. If used effectively with track & trace process in place, starter packs serve an important process of Physician trials, onboarding & educating patients.

ConnectOD platform can help Physicians to request starter packs & gets fulfilled directly. This can help organizations to send starter packs to those physicians who does not meet sales Reps & in those territories where sales reps are not present

Patient onboarding & registration

Improve patient registration in support program along with education on the therapy. One of the biggest challenge is to onboard patients on Patient support program. ConnectOD platform can simplify the process using multiple digital interfaces & personalize the support program.

Channel partners for chronic therapy

Engaging channel partners in patient support initiatives to improve outcomes Channel partners like Stockists / Chemists can play an important role in supporting & educating patients ConnectOD platform can help channel partners participate in an engaging reward program and Patient support initiatives