How does Mydocdata help?

Customer Profiling

Clean & profiled customer data is perhaps the most important starting point for any organization to initiate & measure marketing spend. Most organizations face the following challenges:

  • Incomplete customer information
  • Same customer appearing many times
  • Data stored in multiple locations & forms
  • No unique visibility of customer across Business Units
  • Customer insights ( preferences, potential, digital adoption, competition..) are only with sales Reps not captured in the Organization data to view


A Profiled customer data in mydocdata platform can help Organization to segment his customers and help proper choice of target market for each product.

Helps Marketing efforts more targeted, efficient & personalized

Mydocdata analytics platform can segment customers based on :

  • Geographic
  • Demographic.
  • Value based
  • Cultural

New Product Launches

Pharma industry is very competitive, especially in a market like India which is highly fragmented with Branded generics and the success rate for a new product is estimated to be less that 5%.Mydocdata platform help organizations leverage the benefit of data analytics and improve the success of New products

Real Time Dashboards

Use Big Data Analytics

Increase in Sales


Tracking Campaign Doctors

One of the most important growth lever for pharma companies is to track high potential & campaign doctors Most of the pharma companies have individual spread sheet trackers for each sales Reps and gets compiled in a most inefficient manner. Lot of time & energy goes in input & compiling the trackers from Sales reps with no mechanism to check the quality of the data .

Mydocdata helps to identify & track campaign doctors – with real time dashboards & trends built in.